In exploring the politics of language and of the world today, I have been making text-based paintings where word and image inhabit both physical and conceptual space.

Being drawn to nature, abstraction, colour and line, I feel I have found a voice to make work, which is not only thought provoking but also visually appealing.

In my work, text as form provides not only visual display but also an element of anarchic symbolism and humour

Canvas, acrylic and spray paints, paper, collage, newspaper, magazines, hand made stencils and various improvised writing/painting implements litter my studio, in the hope of being used to create object from thought. 

My inspiration comes from the seasons, nature, listening the radio, reading newspapers, word dictionaries and the thesaurus.

There are many artists I continually look up to, both as reference and as challenge to keep my work moving forward.

‘Art is where the Hope is’ is homage to artist Bruce Nauman, and has been inspired by his neon work, "The True Artist Helps The World By Revealing Mystic Truths"

 My hope is to transcribe this painting into neon, I think it would work quite well.